Adapt-N Tool

Adapt-N is an online tool for precision nitrogen management in corn production that was created by Cornell University to help farmers optimize fertilizer management.  For the last two years, Adapt-N has been beta tested in the U.S. Northeast and Iowa with some impressive results.  Now, farmers across a good portion of the corn belt can access this powerful online tool as well- and at least for now, they can access it for free!

So what does Adapt-N do and what makes it so much more effective than other tools and tests to apply the right amount of nitrogen to crops?

Below are some key attributes of the Adapt-N tool:

  • Provides nitrogen (N) rate recommendations for corn (grain, silage, sweet)
  • Is server-based (“cloud computing”) and accessible through multiple internet-enabled devices
  • Its core is the PNM model, built from well-calibrated dynamic simulation models and based on decades of field and modeling research
  • Uses daily 3×3 mile near-real time weather data (areas East of 100 W Meridian)
  • Uses NRCS soil database information
  • Is based on many years of research and field testing

A critical difference in Adapt-N from many other N recommendation tools is its ability to factor in more accurate and localized temperature and precipitation information.  As the map below shows, and as any farmer knows – weather can vary greatly even within short distances, making it very difficult to properly account for in general N recommendations for large swaths of land (state level or regional).  Yet, understanding how weather interacts with nitrogen fertilizer in the field is a critical part of knowing how much more or less N is needed because of the way weather variables affect the rate at which N breaks down.

By capturing detailed and error corrected weather data as part of the variables it considers, Adapt-N is able to provide much more accurate information for managing nitrogen.

Below are some helpful links to help you learn more about how the Adapt-N tool works and how to use it.

Adapt-N Manual

Adapt-N Tool for Adaptive Nitrogen Management in Corn: Incorporating Weather (powerpoint presentation)

Basic Training Webinar

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